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Our Gathered worship team is meeting and talking about when and how we can meet to worship together. Our recorded worship will be our primary worship option for the foreseeable future.

But we will try an experiment next weekend. We will try an additional outdoor service next Sunday, June 28, at 9:30 in the church lower yard and pavilion. It is much safer to be outdoors, so we can be more relaxed about that.

We will ask people to bring lawn chairs and sit at a distance from one another. We will have spots marked on picnic tables and in the yard so that we are sure to keep enough distance. This is all about loving our neighbor and keeping others safe.

A few rules as we plan for this:

We gently ask people over age 60 and with underlying health conditions not to attend. We love you and don’t want to put you at risk.

We will keep up the recorded service as long as you need it. Pastor John will be wearing a mask and we recommend that you wear a mask, but we will not require them as we gather outdoors. When we do try worship indoors in the future, we will require masks for everyone.

We know you love each other, but please do keep your distance as we gather, so we can keep each other safe. We know the virus is spreading in our community, and we have to be extra careful.

The downstairs restrooms will be open at the church. If it rains next weekend, we will cancel this outdoor worship. The online service will continue as our primary worship option. We will spread the word of any changes on email, Facebook, and the website.

We will try this next Sunday at 9:30 and see how it goes. We are committed to do all that we can to protect each of you and our neighbor, so we are being very slow and careful as we figure out new ways to do this. God bless and keep you in this time!