Worship for May 31, 2020

Welcome to worship at Faith Lutheran Church in Washington! We are blessed to share with you! Praise God with us as we tell the wonder of Pentecost, as God sends the Holy Spirit upon the disciples after Jesus ascends to heaven. The Spirit fills us with life and hope, and guides us as we follow Jesus.

We are blessed today to see many members as leaders, showing that God’s Spirit enlivens all disciples. Martha gives us greetings to open the service. Karen Pettyjohn and Melissa Durbin are readers. Serena Friedlund leads the Apostles Creed. Jason Friedlund leads the prayers. Owen Friedlund gives the blessing to close the service. And the Rothfusz family provides worship music.

We have a special song for Pentecost created by the ALCM – Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. They invited musicians to record themselves at home singing and playing “O Day Full of Grace,” and then combined 960 singers and 364 musicians to make a big virtual ensemble to share with us. We give thanks for the gift of music that they share.

Make ready to share worship with us in your home. Wear something red to celebrate the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Light a candle to make a sacred space. Pour a bowl of water as we give thanks for the forgiveness and new life we find in baptism. Get out a Red Book to sing along (ask Pastor John to bring you one of these). You are welcome to greet one another on the Faith Lutheran Facebook page if you want to chat together as you worship. We are together in faith, even as we worship at a distance for this time. God bless and keep you, and hold you close!