Thanksgiving Eve worship

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to worship at Faith Lutheran Church in Washington! We are blessed to have you share with us.

Our Public Health leaders have moved us to a higher level of caution with the very high levels of Covid-19 in the area. So we will worship online only until further notice.

Thanks to our worship participants today. Sharon Riggins is the organist and the Rothfusz family provides worship music.

Make ready to share worship with us in your home. Light a candle to make a sacred space. Pour a bowl of water as we give thanks for the forgiveness and new life we find in baptism. Get out a Red Book to sing along (Pastor John would be happy to bring you one of these). You are welcome to greet one another on the Faith Lutheran Facebook page if you want to chat together as you worship. We are together in faith, even as we worship at a distance for this time. God bless and keep you, and hold you close!